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Little-known Facts: Best methods for carpet cleaning

  • Most carpet cleaners use an out-of-date method of taking care of urine stains. First, they clean the urine area using a manual wand. This pulls very little urine out of the pad. Second, they saturate the urine area with an enzyme treatment. This is thousands of living micro-organisms that eat and digest the urine. After 5-7 days, the carpet drys and the enzymes become dormant. This method masks the urine odor and does not remove it. Usually 1-2 months later the area turns dark due to the sticky and tacky residue left from the enzyme. At this point if you try to clean it up, more often than not, it will reactivate the urine odor. Sound familiar?
  • Steam cleaning is the generic term used for hot water extraction.

Is it true that only about 10% of all carpet cleaners are actually certified to clean carpets?

  • Yes. This is true because the county does not mandate that cleaning companies be certified.

How do I know if they are certified?

  • The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Resoration Certification) instructs every company to give a copy of their certificate to the customer. Please take note of the expiration date.

Is it true that the Shaw industry that manufactures 5th generation nylon carpet says your warranty will be void if you do not use an IICRC company?

  • Yes this is true. This is due to the proper ph pre-spray that needs to be used on carpet. Too low ph won't suspend the soil to be extracted. Too high ph will strip the carpet of acid dye resisters and stain protectant.

Is it true that many types of carpet come with a stain protectant?

  • Yes. It probably came with a protectant.

How often should stain protectant be reapplied?

  • It depends on the amount of foot traffic. To have complete coverage it should be reapplied every 6-18 months usually every time it is cleaned.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

  • The dry time depends on many factors such as how heavily soiled it is, the weather and the type of carpet it is. Typically, you can count on 6 hours of dry time. However, here in northwest it can be anywhere from 1-12 hours.
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